Deltology 101

Anterior delts

Reverse grip military press-with these you use a wider than shoulder width underhand grip. This exercise is a GREAT mass builder for the anterior delts.

Reverse grip barbell raise-I do these slighlty leaning back with a shoulder width, underhand grip

Barbell raise on incline- do these on a incline bench with an overhand shoulder width or wider grip

Barbell raise on preacher bench- same thing, but much stricter than the standing version

One arm db press on incline bench- I do these by sitting on a incline bench or on the reverse side of a preacher bench. With these you should be pressing the db up with a hammer grip.

Hammer grip front raises using tricep bar-I do these slightly leaning back, then raising the weight up using a tricep bar. I try to keep my arms as straight as possible while doing these.

Overhead laterals-I do these by using a overhand or underhand grip. You start with your arms straight out to your sides holding the dbs parallel to your shoulders, then you lateral them up and over your head. The dbs should be touching directly overhead once in the finished position.

Around the world laterals- These can be done from two starting points. Either in front of your thighs, or behind your thighs. They are similar to regular db laterals, except that instead of stopping at arms parallel to body, you keep going to the dbs touch each other overhead. This is a very effective way of working all the delt heads.

Medial delts

Leaning side laterals-these are done in the same motion you would do side bends. Except you lateral the db up as you are leaning your torso to the side.

Leaning one arm db presses- You start in a seated position, and lean to the side during the pressing motion. In the finished position, your free arm’s elbow should be touching the bench you are sitting on. Pressing in this motion really shifts the emphasis from your front delts to your medial delts BIG time.

Seated partial rep laterals- You do these seated on a bench. and you keep your arms at least 2-3 inches away from your side at the bottom of the movement. Doing seated laterals in this way well help to keep continous tension on the medial delts.

laterals on incline bench- I do these with the db either in front of my thighs or behind my thighs. Great T.U.T. on this exercise. I can feel continous tension on my medial delts throughout the whole movement using this angle. Truly a great feeling.

laterals on decline-These have a very short rom, and will feel akward at first. But man do they work. They are very intense at the beginning of the movement. And they hit the medial delt/upper arm tie-in area VERY HARD. They are one of my favorite movements now. I usually do these at home, with the upper half of my body hanging off a bench or couch. They look funny, but they are effective.

Lying lateral burns- these are a great way to end a delt workout. with these I lie flat on the floor and hold the db out to about 90 degree angle for up to a minute each set. Feels like my medial delts are going to explode when I am done.

Hands-free laterals- With these you need a lifting strap. What I do is strap a 10 pound plate around my hand and seated on a bench I do laterals “hands-free” so to speak. With these you don’t have to worry about gripping anything, so you can really FOCUS on using the medial delt to move the weight. I get a truly awesome feeling from these. They are a great iso move for the medial delts.

Rear delts

lying laterals- I do these lying flat on the floor with the db held in front of my thigh.

butterfly laterals- I do these standing up. In the start position, you should be slightly leaning forward holding the dbs in front of your thighs. Then lean back as you are lateraling the dbs up.In the finished position you should be slightly leaning back.

Lying lateral with thumbs down grip- you hold the db either directly in front of your thighs or at a 90 degree angle in front of your thighs.

Anterior-Medial delt tie-in area

Standing or lying lateral- hold the db at the CORNER of you thigh and lateral the weight up from that position.

Medial- rear delt tie-in area

Lying lateral-lying on floor with arm parallel to head, then lateral the weight up from that position.

Standing or lying behind the back laterals

Delt/Trap tie-in area

Upright rows- I feel that close grip upright rows hit this area better than any other exercise I know of. But I always use moderate weight and I never go above nipple height when doing them.

Overall mass

Behind the neck press- when I do these I make sure I go no lower than ear level when I bring the bar down.Also I push it up in up and over motion. Meaning I push the bar up and over my head. I feel this incorporates the medial delts much more, than just pushing the bar up behind my head like most do.

Wide grip military press- Using a wider grip on this exercise will bring the medial delts increasingly into play.

by GUS

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