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Is Female Body Building Exercise Any Harder?

Many women are going into body building exercise programs because they like the challenge of the sport. They all find it equally taxing or equally easy as the men do. Nobody ever said body building exercise is any tougher for women.

Body Building Exercise Means Building of Muscle

Today, women have gone into all the fields than men have conquered and previously thought only their domain. You have women on ships, you have women pilots, women are in the marines and women in the army. You have women football players, you have women cricketers and you have women sharpshooters. Fortunately, wherever women go, they have done well and won accolades.

There is actually nothing special in body building exercise. It is just a program or a gym regime for building up muscles. All human beings have got the same build and the same number of muscles. There is nothing different in a woman or a man other than more developed pectoral muscles in women. Hence, there is nothing really too great about women taking up body building exercise and succeeding at it.

Some people will argue that men build up muscles easier because they are aided by testosterone, which is a muscle-building hormone, while women on the other hand have estrogen. Estrogen is known as a fat-building hormone. This is important only when women stop exercising. At that time women tend to pack weight on much faster than men.

Today, there are many contests where women take part after a competitive body building exercise program. Many are of the opinion that a muscular woman is kind of a put-off. However, this is not true, because the muscles are there anyway. The exercise only builds them up in such a way that the body acquires a V-shape. Now, when the muscles are at rest, man or woman would look the same as ordinary people ? maybe a bit more corpulent, but nothing more than that.

There are quite a few advantages for women. The first is that the women gain enough confidence about their capability to be able to defend themselves in any type of emergency. Secondly, the body building exercise program keeps a good control on weight gain, for which most of the times bodybuilding women actually look sexier.

There are a few disadvantages as well. The main disadvantage is that if the exercise is neglected, there is a fast and massive weight gain that can be very demoralizing. This is why, when you decide to take up such exercises, you will need to follow an ironclad discipline both in exercising and in diet.

How to Make the Best of a Body Building Program

Not everybody who enrolls into a body building program becomes a body builder. This is because it takes a tremendous amount of patience, commitment and discipline in order to succeed. Many take up the challenge of undergoing a body building program just to while their time away, or to look good for a date.

Commitment Should Equal Effort to Succeed in a Body Building Program

Looking good for a date is definitely not the right motivation to go for a body building program. You can get motivated to go for a week, for a month, maybe even a little longer, but this will never be enough for succeeding. In order to succeed, you will need iron determination and long hard hours in the gym. It is by no means fun to enroll in a body building program. Hence, if you are looking for glamour and fun, forget this.

What you get out of the body building program is a lot of mental discipline and body stamina. You learn to persevere and to think of your body as a well-coordinated and oiled machine. You cannot miss a night of exercise; you cannot splurge at your cousin’s wedding. You can forget about doing things on impulse. What you eat counts, what you drink counts, and it counts how much you sleep and when you sleep.

There is a fad among women to enroll for body building programs nowadays. This is not a sporadic happening. In fact, women took to this sport so seriously that today there are global championships held for women as well. Women seem to like the hardships this type of training involves. They like the discipline and they like the results.

In fact, women body builders look sexier in spite of what people may think. Women look great because their body is trained to enhance their natural beauty. However, once women take to a body building program, it should be understood that this is a lifetime commitment. Women being more prone to gain weight will suffer greatly if they leave practicing their workouts.

When you choose your program, ensure that you go to a reputable gym with trainers that know what they are doing. The number of people already enrolled and word-of-mouth recommendations and praise can judge the reputation of a gym. With proper determination, great results can be achieved.

Communicate a Body Building Workout

A common question a good personal trainer will ask a person who is enquiring about a body building workout and getting in shape is, “What are your goals and what are you looking for?” This is a wise question, because there exists different workouts for different goals. The common goals are lowing body fat (emphasis on fat, not weight which is a combo of water and muscle and fat), increased strength, muscle mass gain, developing high levels of definition and striation, and injury rehabilitation.

Communicating the Workout

The key to getting the most out of a body building workout is to emphasize what exactly it is that you are looking for and to communicate that to your trainer as clearly as possible. Saying “getting in shape” is usually not a good response because it will be translated as losing body fat and some strength and core training.

That is a fine translation if that is the goal, but if the goal is to put on 30lbs of muscle to get in shape, then the body building workout that you will undergo will not be translated as such. Always be clear when defining goals. An easy trick to communicate a goal is simply to say “I want to look like celebrity so and so.” This will usually provide a trainer with a visual idea of what your physique goals are.

There is a Science to it

To the untrained eye, a body building workout is random. This is simply not accurate, and the level of inaccuracy in the calling the workout “random” practically reaches the stratosphere. A proper body building workout is a series of logical workouts put together to reach specific goals within a specific period of time.

When the body building workout starts to become illogical, then the goals will not be met. For example, if one is looking for mass, a leg mass exercise program will include leg presses and heavy squats. If one is prescribed heavy reps on a leg extension machine, then the mass goal will never be met, since a leg extension machine is more designed for definition or injury rehab or injury prevention.

The number of body building workouts is practically limitless and sometimes a little experimentation may be required to find what is needed. Actually, all body building programs once started as an experiment, so this is hardly a bad thing.

A Few Tips That Will Ensure You Get the Best Out of Your Body Building Training

All activities have their little tricks whereby you can get some extra from the efforts you are putting in. Body building training is no exception to this rule. Check out these tips when you go to your next body building training program and see if they make any difference for you.

Always have something to drink during and after your workout – this will ensure that your muscles will regain their relaxed position and avoid any possible cramps. Always drink many fluids while exercising and after exercising. This will replenish the fluids you lost through sweating and assist in repairing torn muscle tissue, if any. People usually keep a large jar of some type of juice and continuously drink from it during the workouts. It makes quite a difference to the way your body will adjust to the exercise.

Did you try downing a cup of coffee before your body building training? Try it the next time you go to gym and watch the great feeling you experience. You do not need to have coffee in particular – any product, which has caffeine, will do just as nicely. This will help you two folds, because it burns fat faster and it is a great diuretic.

It is very important that you do not become dehydrated while doing body building training. In order to avoid this, you should consume plenty of water. Do not be caught dead without a water bottle when at gym.

Do not force your body – always listen to what your body says. If you find any exercise inconvenient or painful, do not do it. The body will rebel against positions that may cause it harm. When and if you get pain that is the warning signal of the body saying what you are doing is wrong.

Build your strength gradually – do not hurry up the body building training program at any cost. People who have tried to speed things along met with a lot of trouble in terms of pulled muscles, torn ligaments and tissues. Train your body to get stronger gradually. Rome was not build in one day – neither can you become a body builder overnight.

Always take care that you are in tune with what your body is asking and pay attention to its demands. By taking care of your body while exercising, you will look and feel great.

Choosing the Right Weight Lifting Equipment

Choosing the right weight lifting equipment can often be a frustrating and confusing task, especially considering the multitude of options that is available to choose from in today’s world. However it does not have to be that hard of a process; learning and understanding about weight lifting equipment and the basics of the exercise routines will enable you to make the proper and educated choices in selecting the weight lifting equipment that is right for you.

What Type of Weight Lifting Equipment is Right for you

When you are trying to choose on any type of weight lifting equipment, there are a few factors that you basically must consider in order to be able to select the right pieces of equipment. The basic things which should be considered are issues such as the amount of space you have available for the equipment, the money you are willing to spend, the quality of the equipment you are interested in purchasing, as well as your goals and what type of weight lifting equipment you will need to fulfill these exercise goals.

Some of the most common pieces of this equipment include that of: elliptical trainer, stair climber, treadmill, exercise bike, abdominal exercisers, and the weight bench.

Elliptical trainers allow you to burn more calories than many of the other types of exercise equipment, and they are also low impact machines so they are designed to minimize any impact on the body that could possibly aggravate old injuries or cause new ones for that matter. This lessened impact will mean that there will be less wear and tear on your body, which is always a good thing; you want effects but you not want any type of exercise equipment that is going to overwork you in any way.

As for stair climbers, these offer you a lower cardio workout, and they are available in two basic styles: dependant steppers and independent steppers. The treadmill, on the other hand, is a piece of equipment in which the principle design system includes a belt system where the top of the belt moves to the rear, thus allowing the runner to run an equal and necessarily opposite speed. Some of the benefits of a treadmill are: you can remain at the same location for the entire duration of the run, you can exercise on your treadmill indoors when the weather is not suitable for running outside, you can determine all of the factors from the run such as your heart rate and average speed, and you will have equal ground for the duration of the run.

Get a Professional Body Building Diet Program

Most of us have at one time or the other been faced with the desire to loose some extra pounds. It might be right after the long winter and Christmas with the family, or because you just had a baby and some extra pounds made their way to your waist and thighs.

The Difference Between Body Building and Dieting

Do not confuse body building with dieting as they are two very different things. Body building is practiced by both men and women, and is the exercise through which you will gain muscle and sometimes weight as well. Body building defines and increases your muscles significantly.

Dieting, on the other hand, is practiced only to reduce overall body weight and is also widely practiced by both men and women. In dieting you will not experience any increase in weight, though at times the toning and defining some parts of the body may be practiced as well.

What is the Right Body Building Diet Program?

Every single one of us have a very different metabolism and body structure, due to which it would be impossible to generalize a body building diet program. It is very important to contact and follow the strict advice and guidance of a fitness instructor and/or dietician These professionals will take into consideration all the details of your body type.

In order for a body building diet program to work out the way you desire it too, specifics need to be taken in consideration such as your age, body weight, and height, as well as other medications that you may be taking at the time. Body building should only be considered under the supervision of an instructor, especially when you are trying it out for the first time.

The Common Mistakes Done in Body Building Diet Program

Some of us forget to use common sense when we focus on getting something done at any cost. This often happens when trying out a body building diet program due to which several mistakes can occur.

Do not expect an overnight miracle when following a body building diet program. The body needs time to understand what you are trying to do, in which time some give up the program thinking it did not work. Eliminating all fat is a common mistake, which can often lead to fatal consequences since the body does need fats in order to survive.

Additionally, do not over-exercise as so many of us do, especially in the beginning of a program when you desperately seek results. Take one day at a time, and best of all, get a supervised body building diet program where a qualified instructor will walk and help you through the initial difficult stages.

The Best Body Building Supplement Available

When it comes to the subject of what the best body building supplement available is, different people will obviously provide different answers and opinions. This is understandable as everyone has their own opinion on what is efficient and acceptable, and as well there is the fact that some products such as a body building supplement work well on certain people, while others don’t. There is a lot of relation here to such things as genes and genetics, and so one can truly not judge on a product simply because it did not work for them.

The Biology Of Protein

Quite simply, muscle needs protein in order to grow; when one lifts weights, for instance, the intake of protein has a stimulating effect on the muscle tissue and acts as the best muscle enhancement supplement that the body could have. In terms of saving muscle, if one does a large amount of cardio, the body will burn all its carbohydrate stores and then start burning muscle. It is also important to know that when your body depletes its carbohydrates supply it will not burn fat exclusively, but muscle as well. The protein intake in the form of a body building supplement will help to replace any burned muscle.

Another important thing to remember is that working out before you have had anything to eat, which is generally most true and easy first thing in the morning, is the best idea, because you will be working off any stored fat that is in your body, rather than simply the food that you just ate at your last meal. Although a body building supplement can help to supply your body with protein, it is still important and basically essential to understand the actual dynamics of exercise combined with a healthy diet, and to get the most out of your workouts as you possibly can.

The Problem With Sugar in Body Building Supplements

One thing to make careful note of is that of sugar, and how important it is to read the labels on products before you buy them, especially in regards to the amount of sugar that is in each product. You should be sure to beware of protein shakes that are loaded with sugar, as for the most part sugars will not help in any positive way, so you should stick with that of a low sugar and high protein body building supplement. Although some fats are necessary in a diet, sugars are generally not, especially that of refined sugars, which includes anything from ketchup and barbeque sauce to canned juices.

Is Female Body Building Any Different Than Male Body Building?

Body building was a sport practiced initially by men only due to the requirement of lifting heavy weights in order to build muscle, as well as the appearance achieved by this exercise was not always considered feminine. However, in 1970 female body building was introduced, and everyone embraced it equally as a sport that does justice to both men and women alike.

Difference Between Men and Women

Due to the fact that women and men are not built alike, our bodies react differently as well when exercising or body building is involved. Female body building, just like men body building, requires a great deal of discipline and determination. However, at times women face greater difficulties due to the fact that their metabolism is slower and energy output is lower.

Female body building is more complex due to the fact that women’s muscle growth needs to be coordinated slightly differently than those of men. Women who practice body building professionally have encountered difficulties such as hair loss, missing the monthly cycle, and stretch marks of the skin. However, all these side effects can be treated and do not have any fatal consequences.

The Task of Body Building

In both men and women body building is not an easy task. It takes hard work to achieve and keep muscles looking as great as they do on body builders. Strict diet, exercise and rest are all part of a female body building program, which a professional instructor will design for each individual in part.

Once you have achieved your desired body building state the maintenance starts, which will last for the rest of your life. Male or female body building is a lifetime job. You cannot just stop it after you have achieved the desired look. Maintaining a body builder body is at times harder than achieving one.

Never Give Up

Male and female body building is not an easy task, there will be ups and downs as well. Keeping focused on your goal and being determined to achieve it will take you to the finish line. It does not get specially hard because of the gender of the body builder, but just because it is a hard profession to achieve and follow.

Maintain yourself even after you have achieved your goal with the same old formula: eat right and exercise. This formula was and will always be the golden rule to a better, healthier, and longer life.